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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This tutorial is spacial for UG NX 6 (also works with UG NX 5), and describe the step by step process of license configuration and installation.

First of all let's see how to edit license file for our personal computer. This include host name and port value setting in license file.

  1. Open license file with notepad.
  2. Change this_host with your computer name. for example my computer name is CAD-PC. (Know your Host Name, Computer Name, Host-ID etc.)
  3. Set port value 28000@Host Name.

All these are shown in picture below for example.

After completion of license file editing, start installation of UG.

  • First of all start installation of license server.

  • For language select English (United States) and click Next.
  • Select installation folder for license server and click next. (Default is Like C:\Program Files\UGS\UGSLicensing\ ). Keep the Default.
  • After that this will ask you the location of license file. Click Browse and select the license file which you edited and click Next.
  • It will ask you to start installation. Select install.
  • This will install the license server on your computer.
Thereafter start the Installation of Unigraphics NX 6 software :

  • Click on Install NX.
  • For language select English (United States) and click Next.
  • During Setup type select Typical and click Next.
  • Destination Folder : keep default or you can select other as you wish. click Next.
  • During licensing it will ask you to enter server name. This will be like 28000@cad-pc for my PC or 28000@Your Host Name for your computer.
  • If server name is correct as described above then click Next.
  • For language select English or choose as per your requirement click Next.
  • After that it setup will ask you to review or change the installation setting.
  • If the setting is OK then click Install or if anything wrong then click back and repeat the above process to reset all. (Hope that everything will be OK)
  • After installation finish run UG from program list or restart your computer and run UG from program list.
If you are installing from the image downloaded by torrent, you have to follow the installation steps provided with the crack, like copy the over cracked files etc.

There is nothing to do anything else, your program will work file like as shown:

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Give Your Windows PC a Boost for CAD or FEA Program

Its not only thinking, its a realty and i have realized it on my personal computer. eBoostr is a program who boost my PC.

I have a PC with P4 2.66 GHz Dual Core and 1 GB RAM.

I was facing little problem of speed when working on my favorite programs. But now i am very confidant and tension free about performance of my Computer, because its working very fine.

The main benefit of this program is increase in PC performance when using any CAD or FEA program.

So i just only say that lets try this at least once and its totally free of cost. This may can also save your money to buy a hi fi configuration Computer or Laptop.

Its main benefit are you can use this program with any type of memory or with Computer or Laptop.

System Requirements for this program:

* Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000*, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7 RC (all 32 and 64 bit systems supported)
* USB 2.0 port version or memory card reader
* Flash drive or memory card with at least 2.5 MB/sec random read speed

* Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 and Update Rollup 1 for SP4 are required.

You can download full featured version here.

The trial version have some time limitation, but i think these are not a problem when using this great program in trail mode because the trial version has no time expiration(license) and you can evaluate it for as long as you wish. However the product demo is fully functional only for 4 hours after each system boot. This will allow you to evaluate the product and estimate how it performs on your configuration. After 4 hour just restart your computer or laptop and the feature is ready for use. By doing this you can save your lot of time.

We all know that after 4 hour we all just taking tea or coffee, lunch or dinner etc. so during this time you can reboot your system.

But when you are running a FEA program check that if your simulation will completed in 4 hour or it will take some more time?
If its a time taking simulation then you just try out this program and check whether its beneficial for you or not?
If yes then buy its full version.

So lets test drive this utility and leave your feedback for others.

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