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Friday, May 22, 2009

SolidWorks Video Tutorials 2007-2009 (Step by step) For Beginers

Hi all there I found some of good Video Tutorials for SolidWorks 2007-2009 and happy to share with you. Hope that this will help you to learn more and shape your carrier.

These Tutorial Covers the following mostly all features of SolidWorks software including :
  1. Introduction.
  2. Surfacing.
  3. Weldments.
  4. Mold Design.
  5. Sheet Metal.
  6. New in 2009.

Introduction includes the following features tutorials:
  • Basic
  • Interface
  • Tangent Arc
  • More on Extrusion
  • Sample Hole
  • Complex Extruded Cut
  • Hole Wizard
  • Shell
  • Section View
  • Constant Radius Fillet
  • Variable Radius Fillet
  • Face Fillet
  • Full Round Fillet
  • FilletXpert
  • Chamfer
  • Revolved Feature
  • Revolved Cut
  • Mirror Feature
  • Apply Color
  • Apply Texture
  • Apply Material
Surfacing include the following features tutorials:
  • Curvature Options
  • Zebra Strips
  • Geometric Continuity
  • Extruded Surface
  • Surface Trim
  • Boundary Surface
  • Fillet
  • Project Curve
  • Thicken
  • Half Pipe Connection
  • Sketch (cross-Connection)
  • Pipe (Cross-Connection)
  • Filled Surface
  • Lofted Surface
  • Swept Surface
  • Swept Twist
  • Swept (Follow Path)
  • Planer Surface
  • Face Curves
  • Intersection Curves
  • Offset Surface
Weldments include the following features tutorials:
  • Structural Members
  • End Caps
  • Gusset
  • Fillet Bead
  • Trim Extend
  • Insert Part
  • Custom Profile
  • Sub-Weldment
  • Move-Copy
  • Extruded Cut
  • Configurations
  • Project (3D Sketch)
  • Project II
  • Cut List (Drawings)

Mold Design include the following features tutorials:
  • Move Face
  • Scale
  • Parting Line
  • Straddle faces
  • Undercut Detection
  • Parting Line II
  • Shut Off Surfaces
Sheet Metal include the following features tutorials:
  • Bend Allowance
  • Applying K-Factor
  • Bend Allowance/Deduction
  • Bend Table
  • Gauge Table
  • Creating Base Flange
  • Edge Flange
  • Trim Side Bends & Offset
  • Auto Relief
  • Costume Relief
  • Miter Flange
  • Hem Tool
  • Sketched Bend
  • Closed Corner
  • Jog
  • Break Corner/Corner Trim
  • Break Flat Pattern
  • Tab
  • Lofted Bend
  • Extrude Cut
  • Simple Hole
New in 2009 include the following features tutorials:
  • Intro
  • Converting Files
  • GUI
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Appearance
  • Move / Copy
  • Equation Driven Curves
  • Numeric Sketch Input
  • Repair Sketch
  • Slot Entities
  • Sketch Sketch Geometry
  • Use Blocks in Sketches
  • Missing Sketch Entities
  • Missing References
  • Lip & Groove
  • Instant 3D in Assemblies
  • Instant 3D Live Section Planes
  • Mirrors & Patterns
  • Instant 3D Weldments
  • Solid Swept Cut
  • Measure Tool

To download Video Tutorials for SolidWorks 2007-2009 click here.

A BitTorrent client like uTorrent is required to download this link.

For all students :

I know you can't afford to buy original software from the company, but hope that you just use this help to help others and learning purpose only and not for any professional purpose.

and all professional please buy original one and get license to use as per your requirements.

and for professionals there is a further request :

Get help and provide help to beginners and students and help me to make this world of knowledgeable or experts CAD designers.

you can do this by leaving or providing free tutorials for any CAD software (Autocad, Solidworks, Catia, Unigraphics (UG), ProE, Ansys, Cosmos or any other package. If any of you want to post your tutorials here on CAD Help Center Blog then just mail me with your ID and info, so that i can post the same for you.

And please forward this to all students you know or your friends.

Lets Make a real helping World.

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