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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Download and Installation procedure for DraftSight V1R3 in Windows 7 x64 Bit

Dear CAD Help Center readers again after a long interval I am here with you with a very good, fast, reliable and free CAD package named DraftSight launched by 3DS. Earlier I have tried the 32bit version and feel that this one is not in the race of CAD software's used for 2D drafting purpose because it was too slow and not giving the feeling of AutoCAD but this time I am shocked and realized that the newly released DraftSight Version V1R3 is fast, interactive, more reliable and a good alternative to the AutoCAD which can compete AutoCAD in near future. As of now it has almost all the basic and the advance commands and features but still cannot be comparable with the latest version of AutoCAD. But if you need a simple, fast and free CAD software which can handle your daily routine work like creation of new drawings, modification of existing drawings, Layouts , conversion of DXF to DWG or vice-versa (it supports DWG and DXF files up to 2010 version) then the DraftSight is the best solution for you. With the launch of new version 3DS has made a lot of improvements and also launched the separate versions for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit. Also they have launched latest beta version of DraftSight for other operating systems like Mac OS X and Linux. So here is the link for downloading the latest DraftSight for your specific requirement or OS.

Click here to Download DraftSight V1R3 for Windows x32Bit

Click here to Download DraftSight V1R3 for Windows x64Bit 

Click here to Download DraftSight V1R3 for Mac OS X

Click here to Download DraftSight V1R3 for Fedora®, Suse® or Mandriva® (Beta V1R3)

Click here to Download DraftSight V1R3 for Ubuntu

Click here for a home page for download.

After download you need to install the DraftSight and Activate which is very simple. Here are the step by step procedure for installation. This process is for Microsoft Windows x64 Bit (XP, Vista, or 7) which can be used for reference in Windows x32 Bit. So we begins the installation:
  • First of all Download the appropriate file for your OS.
  • Open the File Location of DraftSight Downloaded from site.
  • Double Click on the Downloaded file, It will start the installation process as below and ask for License type. Here select the Standalone License and Click Next.
  • It will install the DraftSight in Default directory. If you want to change the installation directory then Click on Options, then Change and define the installation directory and Next as shown below.
  • Now installation wizard will ask for the License Agreement, Accept and Click on Install as shown below.
  • The installation process will begin, wait for completion.
  • After the install-shield wizard complete the installation Click on Finish as shown below.
  • After competition of installation the software will Run automatically and will show the Activation Wizard as shown below. Here provide the E-mail address, select Industry, Country, and Title and Click on Activate Now or you can try it for 30 Days and can Activate later.
  • Note that you should have active internet connection and provide the Email address which you can access.
  • On first Start-up DraftSight will ask to Send the Performance Report Automatically to DraftSight. You can select which you feels good and Click on OK.
  • You will see the Full featured DraftSight to finish your job smartly.

So friends hope that you will enjoy with DraftSight. If anyone of you have any installation procedure on Mac OS X or Linux, you can upload on any file sharing site and send me the file link via comments.


Anonymous said...

I have been successfully using Draftsight for sometime but recently it required reactivation and now I cannot get it to work again. Updated to x64 and still same problem, asks for reactivation, I enter all the necessary details, looks like it's going to work then up pops the reactivation window again. Please how can I activate this?

balu thai said...

can you please give the step by step procedure to install cimmatron e10